General Guidelines

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– Please include your Affiliate ID in communication with us to help us easily identify your account and locate any potential issues.

– Keep your contact (email and Skype) and bank information up-to-date. Updates about important changes, such as payout adjustments, will be sent to your email or Skype.

– If any discrepancies in tracked numbers and commission arise, we will only pay what is tracked in our system. We cannot take responsibility for wrong postback/pixel implementation and numbers tracked on your side. Use reports in our affiliate portal to make sure numbers are correctly tracked and let us know if you need any assistance. For detailed instruction on how to add your postback/pixel, please see FAQ section.

– Monitor ‘Events’ in reports to see how many sales your traffic generated and which subids are the best performers. You are also welcome to ask your affiliate manager to give you feedback on your traffic performance or advice on how to improve it.

– Our default cap is 100 leads/day and 10.000 clicks/day in any campaign. In case you would like to send traffic over this cap, please consult your affiliate manager. If campaign performance is low, conversion cap can be changed without prior notice. If conversion rate from click to lead is very low, daily click cap might be changed without prior notice.

– Make sure that you inform yourself about any changes and updates on our News page:

– Respect our General Terms and Conditions to which you agreed during sign-up. You can always access them here: