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  • How can I start a new campaign?

    1. Log in to your CAKE account.

    2. Once you login, go to ‘Offers’ tab.

    3. Search for the campaign you would like to promote on the search field.

    4. Click on the campaign you would like to promote.

    5. Choose any media type from the drop down menu and click ‘Submit’. Once campaign is activated, you will be able to place local pixels at ‘Testing & Tracking’ tab. In order to add global postbacks please contact your affiliate manager or affiliates@insparx.com

    6. Choose the creative you would like to use at the ‘Creatives’ tab and get tracking link by clicking the ‘Get Link’ button.

    7. Please read all restrictions of the campaign for which you applied. Restrictions can be found in the description of the campaign.


  • Is there one offer for both desktop and mobile traffic?

    No. All offers differentiate between desktop and mobile traffic.

    Mobile traffic is tracked separately for iOS and Android (+ other devices).

    You can see the full overview for each campaign in the ‘Testing & Tracking’ tab.


  • What payout do I receive?

    The payouts are determined according to certain criteria such as age, mobile OS and gender. Specifics can be found in the ‘Testing & Tracking’ tab in each individual offer.

    Mobile Offers: payouts differ between age groups and mobile OS. Older age groups have higher payouts and iOS leads pay more than Android leads. For some offers gender may also determine the payout.

    Desktop Offers: payouts are determined by age and sometimes gender. Older age groups have higher payouts.


  • Where can I get banners and creatives?

    1. Go to ‘Offers’ tab.

    2. Click on any active offer. For example ‘INTL C-Date DE 18+’.

    3. Click on ‘Creatives’ tab.

    4. Under the drop down menu ‘All creatives types’ choose either a link (landing page) and/or an image.


  • What do I add on 's' parameters in my tracking link?

    If you want you can share information of any kind of subid through our parameters ‘s1’ – ‘s5’. This will help you and your affiliate manager to optimize your traffic.

    When sharing information through the ‘s’ parameters it is recommended to only use alphanumeric values as well as dashes (-) in order to avoid potential tracking issues.

    Important: Please make sure to share only information of the source id on ‘s1’ and not any unique values (e.g. click id). For unique values please use ‘s2’ – ‘s5’.


  • What is an 'ALL GEOs' offer?

    ‘ALL GEOs’ offers are only redirect offers where traffic is redirected to our actual offers depending on user geographical location.

    That means that if we do not have an offer in a specific user country, traffic will not be paid for.


  • Can I create my own advertising material for the offers?

    Yes, you are allowed to create your own ads as long as you respect our General Terms and Conditions at all times.

    Here is a list of most important guidelines:

    – No use of any C-Date elements, e.g. logo or mentioning C-Date in text, in creatives or (pre)landing pages if source of traffic is adult site.

    – No advertising of be2, Academic Singles or Singles50 on adult sites. Please use appropriate text and images that reflect mainstream nature, not adult or casual, of product should be used.

    – No use of deceiving text, e.g. ‘free membership’. Alternatively, ‘Free registration’ is accepted.

    – No bidding on brand and trademark keywords or their misspellings.

    – Ask for review and approval at affiliates@insparx.com if any of the guidelines or T&Cs is not clear.

    – For e-mailing campaigns it is sufficient to send us creatives for approval once, and inform us of a schedule of the sendouts.


  • What restrictions are there?

    No traffic from incentivized sources is accepted in any offer. Traffic from adult sources is NOT allowed on be2, Academic Singles and Singles50 offers. Adult traffic is allowed in C-Date.

    No email marketing is allowed in DE offers without previous explicit consent.

    All brands have technical GEO restrictions in NO, DK, SE, CH, FI and SG offers.


  • Are there any caps?

    Starting cap is 100 leads a day per campaign, per affiliate.

    Click cap limit is 10.000 clicks per day, per campaign.

    If requested, low performing campaigns or subids should be paused within maximum of 24 hours, otherwise pausing will be done by our side.


  • What does 'Events' mean in reports?

    At the right side of your Campaign Summary report you can see a column called ‘Events’. This shows you how many sales you have generated. The more sales you have, the better is your traffic quality.

    Your affiliate manager uses this information – along with some other parameters – to check quality and profitability of the traffic. You can help him by checking this column continuously and optimize your traffic. In SubAffiliate Summary report you can even check which Sub IDs generated these events/sales and scale them further while downscaling the other ones.


  • What are your general payment guidelines?
    • We pay Net15.
    • We will send you monthly invoices automatically created by our system, so there is no need to send your own invoice.
    • If your total monthly earnings reach at least 50 EUR, invoices will be created and sent to you within the next 3 working days after the month’s end. The exact date also depends on Germany’s and Luxembourg’s holidays.
    • For monthly invoices, the due date for payment is always the 15th of the following month.
    • Payouts are only done in EUR currency.
    • For wire transfer payment we have a payment threshold of 50 EUR for banks in the European Union, Switzerland, UK and Israel. For banks outside of the European Union the threshold for payment is 100 EUR.
    • We pay from two different entities, be2 Sarl, which pays for all be2, Academic Singles and Singles50 campaigns and Interdate SA, which pays for all C-Date campaigns.
    • The threshold for payment should be met for each entity (be2 Sarl and Interdate SA). If only one entity’s invoice reaches the minimum payment threshold, only that invoice will be paid, the other one will be put on hold until the payment threshold is reached.
    • For Paxum transfer the threshold for payment is 50 EUR regardless of the country.
    • EU transfers usually arrive within 2 working days, Wire transfers done to non-EU banks will usually arrive within 5 working days. Please keep in mind that for some countries it can take longer, transfers can be held and checked by anti-money laundering efforts.
    • If you wish to receive punctual payments outside of the European Union, we recommend you to use Paxum payment.
  • Do I have to generate an invoice?


    We provide you with automated payments, which means that we generate the monthly invoices on your behalf. These invoices will automatically be forwarded to you and paid by our finance department. This means that you do not have to send us your own invoices.

    Please email your complete payment information to inhouse-invoices@insparx.com, so we will be able to pay you at the next billing cycle.


  • What are the available payment methods?

    1. Bank wire transfers. Therefore please email your bank data to inhouse-invoices@insparx.com, so we will be able to pay you. We require the following information:

    • BIC
    • IBAN
    • Bank Name
    • Beneficiary name
    2. Paxum payment
    • If you do not have Paxum account, you can register here.
    • Please make sure that you are aware of Paxum terms and fees. Insparx network does not take responsibility for access to or withdrawing your funds from Paxum.
    • To be paid via Paxum or to change your payment method from bank wire transfer to Paxum, please send request to inhouse-invoices@insparx.com with your affiliateID and Paxum email address.


  • When do I receive my payment?

    We process payments on NET 15 (monthly basis).

    To receive payment you must reach a minimum of 50 EUR (EU countries) or 100 EUR (non-EU countries).

    You can expect transfers in the middle of every month, between the 10th and 18th.


  • Where can I get a list of whitelisted IPs?

    You can find list of whitelisted IPs here.