High conversions thanks to brand recognition!

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Insparx always provided support for its affiliates by making extensive effort to build brand awareness for all its dating brands! By making use of different offline advertising channels, we help all our affiliate partners see good conversion rates.

Year 2020 has so far been unusual for most people and challenging for most businesses. However, even in these out of ordinary times, Insparx is not leaving its affiliates without brand awareness support. In fact, some of the most wide-ranging offline campaigns are in place now!

See how are we supporting you at the moment.

C-Date: Billboards and city-lights posters in German cities

Billboards and city lights all over Germany are now covered with C-Date’s “Germany’s number 1 for Casual Dating” message.

Zusammen.de: TV commercial and billboards to support re-branding

Recently we wrote that we changed “Kultivierte Singles” in Germany and Austria to “Zusammen”. We are now launching TV commercial and billboard campaign to support new name under slogans: “Schönste Momente Zusammen” and “Zusammen – Experience more together”

C-Date: Truck advertising

It is hard to miss this big moving billboard if you are in a car or just walking down the street in major German cities!

Our road message:

“Männer, seid doch nicht so schnell…” Men, don’t be too quick….
“Vorsicht bei dem Kurven…” Be careful with the curves

C-Date: soccer sponsoring

Do you like sports? Our brands do, too! In the past you could see our TV commercial on Eurosport or C-Date logo on football club uniforms when we sponsored female soccer club in Italy.

Nowadays, if you watch Bundesliga, it’s very likely you will see our C-Date logo!

C-Date and Zusammen: Print advertising and PR

Last but not least to mention is continuous effort we invest in public relations: working with well-known media give us high reach by placing our brands at the spotlight.

See our current print advertisements below.