NEW offers: Dating comparison sites

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NEW offers: Mainstream dating comparison sites

Are you looking for a mainstream dating offer but you don´t know which one of our brands will attract your users?
We have a solution: send your traffic to our mainstream dating comparison sites which are available in 19 countries now!
These landing pages will give users an overview of our mainstream brands and help them find the most suitable brand for their needs.
After choosing they´ll be forwarded to registration page of the given brand and you will get the payout of the actual offer. This will lead to higher traffic quality and increasing conversion rates.

Feel free to activate comparison offers for your countries (e.g. ‘INTL Comparison DE’) or use our ‘INTL Comparison – All GEOs’ smart links where traffic will be redirected to one of our 19 comparison websites based on user IP address.

Before you start please make sure to activate campaigns in desktop ‘All GEOs’ for all mainstream brands (‘INTL Singles50 – All GEOs’, ‘INTL be2 – All GEOs’, ‘INTL Academic Singles – All GEOs’) or contact Insparx Affiliate Team to assist you.

Comparison website offers are currently available in following countries:

INTL Comparison AT (

INTL Comparison BEfr (

INTL Comparison BEnl (

INTL Comparison BR (

INTL Comparison CHde (

INTL Comparison CHfr (

INTL Comparison CZ (

INTL Comparison DE (

INTL Comparison DK (

INTL Comparison ES (

INTL Comparison FR (

INTL Comparison IT (

INTL Comparison NO (

INTL Comparison PL (

INTL Comparison RO (

INTL Comparison SE (

INTL Comparison TW (

INTL Comparison ZA (